Sunday, June 20, 2010

A day dedicated to dad's.

Today is a day that is dedicated to dad's. It's more than giving dad that new tie, making him breakfast or letting him grill for dinner. I have realized in the past year how important my husband is in my life and in the life of my boys.

Peter is such a wonderful husband. He is patient and loving. He never yells and if we have a problem (between he and I) we always discuss it in private.. not in front of our kids.

My childhood is a bunch of memories that have the same common denominator... fighting. I have made peace with it though. My father was very agressive in every sence of the word. He would pick fights with my mom and brothers manily. I never remember seeing my father happy. I remember my mom packing up a bag, and she and I went away for a weekend once and the thought of us going back home made me sick to my stomach, because i knew my dad would be there... waiting... to pick another fight with us.

I love that my husband has made nothing but great memories for me and our boys. I feel so blessed that he and I found each other in this crazy world. God is amazing and has a plan for us.. for sure!!! We aren't rich by any means.. but we are millionares when it comes to happiness, laughter and memories!!!

Have a great day to all the dad's, stepdad's, grandpa's and male role models out there.... enjoy!!!

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